Dear CTPA Members and Friends,

It was a fantastic three-man event in Walla Walla this last weekend, sponsored by Remax Key properties and Alex Hodge Construction!

This was CTPA's first time at this arena and it was spot on. The weather was a little on the damp side, but that did not slow down the cattle or the riders. We had over 196 teams from Washington and Oregon compete for the class buckles and checks. There was fun times and some really tough competition.

Congratulations to our winners, as well as to all who came out to ride and enjoy a great day of three-man sorting!

A big THANK YOU to Dick Moeller and Daniece Roettger, as well as the crew for the set up and use of the facility. Daniece helped facilitate the logistics of this event and Dick put in long hours to make sure the cattle were ready and the footing was kept up. Dick also reached out to Noble Panels in Walla Walla for a donation of the arena panels, and they willingly loaded them up and wallah, we had an arena! Also want to thank Tony Currin for the superb cattle!!. And we cannot forget the countless volunteers and the Board for all the hard work and planning that goes into these events.

I look forward to seeing you all April 21-22 at Rim Rock. For those of you who are going to travel to Montana for Sort Pink on April 21-22, CTPA has made a donation to support our membership who are going to attend this charitable event.

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The CTPA Board has been listening to its members regarding the Open Class. The Board has agreed to change both the Open Classes in the Penning and Sorting for the 2017 Season:

*No handicap * No draw * 6-ride limit*

Added bonus:

An incentive class has been to be added to the Open Class for teams whose riders are rated #4 and below. Incentive teams pay the same entry fee as the Open riders, but $15 of the entry fee will be paid back (100%) to the incentive winners and paid in accordance with the number of teams (i.e., 1- for-10 in penning and 1-for-15 in sorting).

The Board met at length on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

All other classes in Penning and Sorting will have a 6-ride limit, but will retain the requirement of one-draw team.

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