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From the CTPA 2016-2017 Board of Directors
3-Man Sorting - A Sport For Everyone

The CTPA Board has decided to try something different at our 2017 Kickoff event scheduled for Sunday, October 9th, a 3-Man Sorting. With our Finals being 2 days, we only have time to run one event at the Kickoff. After much discussion, the Board decided that 3-Man Sorting has the potential to satisfy the desire of both Sorters and Penners!

Because this is ‘technically’ a sorting event, riders in the 3-Man will ride at their current Sorting rating. The classes however will follow those we’ve had in Team Penning including an Open, #12, #9 and #5. Similarly, you can still enter 4 pick teams and but must include at least 1 draw team. Point accumulation is a sure thing, but just how they are accumulated has yet to be finalized. We expect to have an update on this after our September 18th.

Many of you have been participating in 3-Man Sorting at your local clubs or at 8-go Draw pots. Riders who are familiar with it have good things to say about the sport like “it frees my horse up” and “it’s not as intimidating as running down the whole arena”. This sport gives you a lot of cow-work and with the extra person and larger area to work there is a lesser chance of losing cattle in the gate.

The CTPA Board hopes that you will all join us for this exciting Kickoff event, as well as for the Finals which is open to everyone. If the 3-Man Sorting is enjoyed by the membership we can add it to some or all of the events in the future. Good luck to everyone at the Finals and may your 2017 season be successful!


  • April 23-24 - CTPA Kick-off, Crook County Fairgrounds, Prineville, OR
  • July 2nd & 3rd Skyhawk Ranch - Redmond, OR
  • August 6th & 7th CTPA Show, Sunnyside, WA
  • October 8th & 9th CTPA Finals, Powell Butte, OR
  • (Others may be added at a later date.)

Tentative 2016 Northwest Schedule

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