CTPA Members and Participants:

I wanted to reach out to all and thank everyone for the great year CTPA had in 2017. It has been exciting to see the Association growing in membership and participation!! It is also exciting to say that CTPA is doing better than it has in the past few years and it is encouraging to be a part of this organization. This would not be possible if not for the support we get from our volunteers and from your board members.

In 2017, we have had several great ideas from members on ways to improve the Association, as well as comments on events, locations for events and feedback on the 3-man sorting and the way that has been integrated into the CTPA schedule. The Board has also recognized the feedback we receive from our general meetings and ideas that will prosper CTPA in the future.

Congratulations to the high point winners from last year! It was fun to have our banquet and hand out quality awards to those who rose above, as well as a little dancing and frivolity!!! There are a few more events on the schedule for 2018 and some new venues that we are trying. I am looking forward to this Season and what that holds for CTPA now and for the future.

I wish you and yours a blessed Holiday Season and plan on a fantastic 2018!!


On behalf of CTPA, we would like to thank everyone who attended the finals and Kick-Off events this weekend and hope that you all left with a good feeling. Some trailers were heavier with new saddles and "stuff" when they pulled out and some hopefully left with the determination to do it next year.

As I said in the membership meeting, we had a very good year, and if we have another good year, awards will be phenomenal next year.

Mark your calendars for the Finals at RimRock on September 28-29, 2018 and the Kickoff on September 30! See you down the road!

Our first event is scheduled for a 3-man sorting on March 17. We are looking at a new venue for this event.

Stay tuned and if you have any questions, contact a Board member....speaking of which, the ballots were not done this weekend due to time constraints, so they will be mailed out shortly....when I get caught up a bit....and the new ratings will be posted tomorrow on FB WITH ONLY THOSE WHO WERE CHANGED. if your name is not on the list, your rating is the same as this year. The complete list will be posted on CTPA website.

Thanks again to all of you who make CTPA what it is.

.... Donna ~ Emily

Member Info


The CTPA Board has been listening to its members regarding the Open Class. The Board has agreed to change both the Open Classes in the Penning and Sorting for the 2017 Season:

*No handicap * No draw * 6-ride limit*

Added bonus:

An incentive class has been to be added to the Open Class for teams whose riders are rated #4 and below. Incentive teams pay the same entry fee as the Open riders, but $15 of the entry fee will be paid back (100%) to the incentive winners and paid in accordance with the number of teams (i.e., 1- for-10 in penning and 1-for-15 in sorting).

The Board met at length on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

All other classes in Penning and Sorting will have a 6-ride limit, but will retain the requirement of one-draw team.

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